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GESB Weststate and Goldstate are both superannuation funds in Western Australia managed by the Government Employees Superannuation Board (GESB).

Goldstate is a benefit fund, meaning that the benefits you receive in retirement are based on a set formula that takes into account your salary, years of service, and other factors. Weststate is an accumulation fund, meaning that your benefits are based on the contributions made to your account, along with investment earnings.

If you’re a member of either Weststate or Goldstate, regularly review your fund’s performance, understand your investment options and fees, and ensure that your contributions are adequate to meet your retirement goals.

Our professional financial advisers can help you understand your GESB options and help you make informed decisions about your superannuation.

Wealthwise financial advisers have extensive experience in understanding and providing advice around the complexities of providing GESB advice on West State and GESB Gold State. If you are currently employed, or have been employed within the WA State Government sector and hold either of these funds, making contact with a Wealthwise financial adviser will ensure you are maximising the opportunities available to you.

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