TPD Insurance Claim Management

Insurance claim management is the process of handling and processing insurance claims made by policyholders.

This process involves several steps, including verifying that a claim is covered under the policy, collecting information and documentation related to the claim, evaluating the claim and determining the appropriate settlement amount, and communicating with the policyholder and any other relevant parties throughout the process.

Insurance claim management is an important aspect of the insurance industry, as it helps ensure that policyholders receive fair and prompt payment for their covered losses. Effective insurance claim management requires a thorough understanding of the policy terms, regulations and legal requirements, as well as effective communication and negotiation skills.

Insurance companies typically have dedicated claim management teams to handle the claims process, but policyholders can also play an important role by providing complete and accurate information and following up on the status of their claim.

However, the complexities around insurance, particularly held within superannuation, can be a legal minefield.  The Wealthwise approach to insurance claim management is to take away the burden of the claim to provide comfort during a difficult time. Once a claim is finalised, Wealthwise financial advisers are also available to provide financial direction to ensure you maximise benefits to secure your and your families future.

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