Retirement Planning Perth

Retirement Planner Perth

Retirement planning in Perth has never looked more attractive. Tax concessions on superannuation are making it easier to grow your retirement nest egg, helping you to fund a retirement lifestyle you will really enjoy. Whether you are approaching retirement or it is still some years away, our Retirement Planner Perth specialists can help you structure your finances to save tax and maximise future returns for a sustainable on longer lasting retirement income.

Retirement Planning Perth – 3 steps to a better retirement

Thanks to our high standard of living and medical advances, Australians are living longer than ever before. While this is good news, it also makes it likely that your retirement savings will need to stretch over more years.

There are a number of factors to consider in your retirement planning for this  significant new phase in life.

1. Knowing you have enough 

Do you know how much is enough to live your best retirement life? Consider the costs of your hobbies. Would you like to travel overseas each year? Have you  considered making large purchases such a new car, caravan or housing upgrade?  Do you want to help your children in the future? According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia a single person will need an annual income of  over $51,630 whilst a couple will need over $72,663. Whilst this provides a benchmark for retirement planning, having your own detailed budget will provide more meaning for your needs.

We are living longer. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 65 year olds today and will live well into their 80s and longer with advances in healthcare and improved lifestyles.

Living longer and having a meaningful and active retirement means you will need to have a comprehensive plan in place to help your money last longer.

Our retirement planning Perth specialists will help you forecast your lifetime need for cashflow in retirement, working with you to understand how much you need and how to make it last. Developing and implementing proven growth and tax effective strategies with consideration for Centrelink Age Pension, Wealthwise will help you to experience the retirement for your best life!

2. Considering your values and purposes in retirement planning

Have you thought about how you will replace the 130 hours per month you worked? Are there skills you have developed over the years that you could apply to a passion in your new phase of life?

Evidence has demonstrated that those that have utilised their lifetime skills in retirement have lived happier and more meaningful retirements. This could include hobbies and travel. Many retirees have also found volunteering and giving back to the community extremely rewarding. 

Social networks play an important role in retirement planning. Leaving the workplace and coworker interactions, joining communities has been a popular way to meet new people and to stay connected.

3. Plan your legacy 

Perhaps you would like to leave a legacy to your children or even your grandchildren. Structuring a plan to transfer your wealth to your next generation will also need to take into account any taxation consequences.

There are many ways to structure your finances to provide income and flexibility through your retirement years. When we draw up a retirement plan, we conduct in-depth analysis to learn about you and understand your current situation and goals so we can present you with the most suitable options.

If you’ve already thought about your life after work, our Retirement Planners Perth can discuss your ideal retirement lifestyle, when you’d like to stop working, and if you have travel plans. We use this information to work out how much income you might need in retirement and weigh that against your present financial position. We’ll also discuss your attitude towards the various risks and returns involved in investing your superannuation to ascertain the level of risk you are comfortable with.

We can show you tax-effective investment strategies and consider important things that some people overlook, such as ways to protect your lifestyle and future income as well as your estate planning needs.

As experienced  retirement financial planners in Perth we can help you create, review and adjust your retirement plan to ensure that it remains on track and providers the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

We specialise in the following areas involving retirement.

  • Pensions
  • Social Security and Centrelink
  • Lifestyle Planning
  • Funeral Bonds

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