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Keeping up with constant changes in laws and regulations about tax and superannuation, understanding market movements and selecting the right investment opportunity can be a minefield. Most people just don’t have the time to stay up to date with all these issues, but it’s something financial advisers do every day. Read here why you can trust in our experience...

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Budget Changes For Working Families

2014-15 Federal Budget – 7 Things Working Families Need to Know

  You’ve won some, you’ve lost some. The biggie here is the rise in the retirement age, which the government has been telegraphing for a while. Working an extra 3 to 5 years (depending on when you were born) is going to have a big impact on most people’s long term financial planning. 1. There will be a new Paid Parental Leave … [Read More...]

Retirement at 70

2014-15 Federal Budget – 4 Things Pensioners Need to Know

Pensioners are not being hit as hard as some other segments of society but they will see some changes. The 4 most important ones are: 1. Asset and associated income test thresholds will be indexed between now and 2017, but then remain at fixed levels for three years. 2. From 2017, pension increases will be linked to inflation instead of wages. … [Read More...]

2014-15 Federal Budget

2014/15 Federal Budget – 5 Things Businesses Need to Know

Business organisations have generally welcomed the budget because they feel it introduces some fiscal discipline to a growing debt burden. High earners will be the big losers.   The 5 highlights as far as businesses are concerned are as follows: 1. The Carbon Tax and Mining Tax will be abolished. 2. 800,000 small businesses will have their … [Read More...]