Since 1986 the Wealthwise team has been helping thousands of clients achieve their desired lifestyle. The experience and knowledge we have gained over that time allows our clients to trust our ability to help them successfully achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives.

Our clients say a lot of good things about us - about our professionalism, our trustworthiness, how helpful we are and our determination to go that extra mile - but, as a company that fosters a family atmosphere based on long-term relationships, the kind of testimonials we are proudest of are those that make us realise how we touch people's lives in so many ways:

Paul (Turner) has always been very supportive and extremely patient with me. He has always been happy to answer any questions I may have. His advice has been and continues to be invaluable. I feel very, very fortunate to have found him and as I have said before, he has been and still is my lifesaver, my gatekeeper and a treasured friend.
— Amanda Hooper
“I love what you do in and out of your day jobs to help our Perth Community.”
— Luceille Hanley

And it's not only our clients who tell us we are doing a great job. Wealthwise is an award-winning financial planning company whose dedication to putting the client first has consistently led to recognition within the industry.

“Wealthwise advisers are a special breed who are always pursuing excellence – their work is of a high quality and they all have a strong attention to detail. They also contribute to a really happy working environment because they feel like part of a big family.” Frank O’Shannessy, Financial Wisdom’s State Manager for WA.

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“Process excellence is one of Wealthwise’s strengths. Everyone along the chain – from advisers to administrative staff to Jamie as the business owner – has confidence in what they’re doing because the processes are so robust.”

"The Quality Recognition Award is voted by the team that audits the files and sets the Licensee Standards we all adhere to so this is high praise." Mark Ballantyne, General Manager of Financial Wisdom.

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