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This is the powerful story of two people who work for the common good. One is a former Royal Australian Navy Submariner who was forced to leave his job after his experiences brought on severe anxiety and related health issues from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The other is one of our financial advisers, whose counsel helped the former submariner get his life – and finances – back on an even keel.

Our adviser Rick Palmer helped his client with his successful applications for Department of Veterans’ Affairs benefits, which have now been finalised.

Rick also took him through the process of claiming a Total and Permanent Disability Benefit against his Superannuation Fund’s insurance benefits, which has also been approved.

Now, the client, who is in his fifties, has a private pension, his DVA benefit and the Centrelink Disability Support benefit; together the total income meets the needs of his family.

Rick said “I told him of others I have helped, who, once receiving appropriate counselling and living in the knowledge they are financially secure, have recovered, at least to the degree they can work again. My client is exceptionally talented and former employers have even asked him back.”

After serving his country he was a top representative for an international company.

“He lives in the confident hope that he will go back to work before too much longer,” Rick said. “We get to know our customers. If someone succeeds, I will pat them on the back. It’s not just about money. We help and encourage them with their goals and ambitions.”

Rick’s knowledge of Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Centrelink and advice about accumulating and using super have all contributed to changing the now-grandfather’s life – and his family’s – for the better.

We’re here to help you, too.


By Rick Palmer JP AdvDipFP AAFA, Senior Financial Adviser Wealthwise

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