Wealth Starters

As we move through different stages in life we are faced with new challenges, realise different needs and form new goals.


20s – 30s years


Single Professional or self-employed, a younger but more established person. More comprehensive advice around insurance, super consolidation and enhancement. Possibly other investment strategies such as gearing or regular saving.

At this stage you may be:

  • Seeking to understand you have enough money, no matter what happens
  • Starting your first job
  • Saving for your first home
  • Borrowing for your first home
  • Starting to build wealth
  • Starting a family
  • Planning to deal with unexpected events

Your needs at this stage may include:

  • Budgeting
  • Investments to build wealth
  • Protecting income

Service Offering/Objective:

  • Budgeting Tools
  • Debt Management
  • Income Protection/Trauma/Life and TPD
  • Super Maximisation 
  • Super Consolidation
  • Super House Deposit
  • Regular Gearing
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Deposit Builder
  • My Prosperity (One Stop Platform for Investments, bank accounts , Money Management)
  • Inheritance
  • Education Investment
  • Property Purchase Valuation
  • Website Tools
  • Goal Management /Progress Monitoring

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