Wealth Maximisers

As we move through different stages in life we are faced with new challenges, realise different needs and form new goals.


40s – 50s years


Looking towards retirement and would like to optimize planning towards that objective. Maximizing super contributions, maybe other wealth accumulation strategies, paying down debt. Possibly empty nesters that may want to assist adult kids.

At this stage you may be:

  • Seeking to understand you have enough money, no matter what happens
  • Looking to finish off your home loan
  • Saving for retirement
  • Consolidating wealth
  • Preparing to reduce working hours
  • Dealing with redundancy
  • Helping your children to buy their first home
  • Saving towards your grandchildren’s education
  • Considering how you can start doing the things in life you want to do, rather than having to do

Your needs at this stage may include:

  • Building superannuation savings
  • Advanced superannuation strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Protecting income
  • Education savings plan
  • Wealth accumulation strategies
  • Tax effective planning

Service Offering/Objective:

  • Project Management/Accountant, Mortgage Broker, xxx, GI Broker
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Super Portfolio Design
  • Risk Management (Income Protection, TPD, Life Cover, Trauma)
  • Lifestyle Funding (Savings, Travel, Motor Vehicle, Holiday Home, Family Events)
  • Financial Management/ Budgeting
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Social Security
  • Inheritance
  • Gearing
  • Estate Planning
  • Direct Shares
  • Super Contribution Strategy
  • Salary Sacrifice 
  • Salary Packaging
  • One Stop Consolidated Platform
  • Product/Platform Review
  • Debt xxx
  • Transition to Retirement
  • Mortgage Cancellation


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