“Paul (Turner) has always been very supportive and extremely patient with me. He has always been happy to answer any questions I may have. His advice has been and continues to be invaluable. I feel very, very fortunate to have found him and as I have said before, he has been and still is my lifesaver, my gatekeeper and a treasured friend.” Amanda Hooper

”Finances have always been a virtual unknown territory to me so I had no idea who to turn to after quitting full-time work. A friend strongly recommended Wealthwise & adviser Jamie Luxton to me and I have never looked back since.”

”(Our Wealthwise Adviser) Paul Turner is the type of person that we welcome into our home and love having him visit not just because he is great with advice and financial guidance but he is honest, truthful and a really nice person.”

”First had a chat with Jamie Luxton and discovered the Keystones to unravelling the secrets of Financial Security – Discipline, Trust and Sound Financial Advice. We then implemented a plan based on the above fundamentals.”

”I love what you do in and out of your day jobs to help our Perth Community.
— Luceille Hanley