RBA Cuts Interest Rates Again

RBA Cuts Interest Rates to 3.50%

Following last months 0.50% cut the RBA today decided to cut rates by another 0.25%.

Explaining the decision to reduce the rate to 3.50% the RBA Governor Glenn Stevens commented that “recent indicators suggest further weakening in Europe and some further moderation in growth in China.”

In the Media Release Stevens also noted the decline in share markets.

Federal Treasure Wayne Swan welcomed the moved and called on Europe to be more pro-active, “We would like to see the same decisive action in Europe.”


Federal Budget 2012-13 In-Depth Summary

Summary of Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan's 2012-13 Budget

  Now that we’ve had more time to digest Wayne Swan’s latest budget, we have prepared a more detailed summary of the major changes than the one we published on Wednesday.

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  •   Deferral of higher concessional contributions cap (for those aged 50 and over from 1 July 2012)
  •   Reduction of higher concession for contributions of very high income earners
  •   Minimum draw down relief for super pension holders remain in place, returning to the normal rates from July 1 2013
  •   Superannuation guarantee rate to progressively rise from 9% to 12%
  •   Maximum age limit for the superannuation guarantee to be abolished
  •   Low income superannuation boost

Social Security

  • Mature age worker tax offset (MAWTO) to be phased out from 1 July 2012
  •   FTB Part A increase
  •   Family Tax Benefit (FTB) A eligibility from January 2013
  •   Schoolkids Bonus
  •   Aged care reform from 1 July 2014
  •   Reduced payment period of Government Payments for people who are temporarily absent from Australia from 1/01/2013
  •  Australian residency requirements for the Age Pension from 1 January 2014


  •   Increased Medicare levy low income thresholds from 1 July 2011
  •   Means testing of net medical expenses tax offset (NMETO) from 1 July 2012
  •   Accelerated real estate review from 1 July 2012
  •   Removal of the capital gains tax discount for non-residents
  •   Changes to tax rates for non-residents
  •   Company Loss Carry Back
  •   Small Business Immediate Write-Off Extension

Previous proposals shelved

  • Reduction of the corporate tax rate to 28%. The corporate tax rate will remain at 30%.
  • Standard tax deduction of $1,000 for work-related expenses and the cost of managing tax affairs.
  • 50% discount for the first $1,000 of interest income.

The following changes announced since last year’s budget will go ahead

  • Confirmation of changes to marginal income tax rates & thresholds
  • Allowances & supplements to reduce the impact of the introduction of a price on carbon.

Federal Budget 2012-13

Australian government cranking out money

Canberra promises a "return to surplus" federal budget

This weekend the government has been busy telling everybody the good news about the 2012-13 Federal Budget, which is due to be announced on Tuesday evening (that’s when we’ll get to hear the bad news!).

The main theme of the budget is “return to surplus”.

Promised highlights include $500 million for dental care, a “School Kids Bonus” and loss “carry-backs” for small businesses.

The area the pundits are predicting will face the biggest cuts is Defence.

Treasurer Wayne Swan will begin his reading of the budget at around 7.30 p.m. AEST on Tuesday, 8th May.

You can find more information on the budget on the government’s website


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