Realisation that retirement wasn’t all that far away…

“In the mid 80’s my wife and I were deceived, or for want of a better word ‘conned’ into making some poor financial decisions. This continued for a number of years before we were able to escape from our predicament.

Unfortunately having been freed from one predicament, we were confronted with yet another. A truthful realisation that retirement wasn’t all that far away and as time was running out, an urgent strategy needed to be employed to provide for that time.

We came to Financial Wisdom and Wealth Wise, initially through Ian Schupelius and since then have taken confidence in knowing that our retirement has been carefully and professionally planned. Wealth Wise staff have always been courteous, polite and helpful at all times.

We are most appreciative of Tim Luxton for his advice and genuine regard for our own particular financial situation. Tim’s cheerful nature and sound knowledge has again restored our trust in the financial system.

We look forward to our regular meetings with Tim and hearing that our investments are on track as planned.

Retirement doesn’t seem like such a bad move after all!”

Stephen Kelly, client since 2004