Drafted a plan to suit our needs

We were recommended to talk with Jamie Luxton in 1996 by our accountant as she felt he would have more expertise to help with our financial planning.

Jamie drafted a plan to suit our needs which we went along with. This was followed up with visits 2-4 times a year to advise of updates and make any necessary adjustments to investments. Besides these meetings, we were invited to seminars put on by Wealthwise to keep their clients informed as to what was happening in the market and to various tax savings strategies that arose out of tax changes in relation to investments and superannuation.

After some previous bad advice in the 80’s, we tried a bit of investment on our own with little success. However, we soon built up a trust with Jamie as we found him to be honest, and his patience and clarity in explaining the workings of various strategies was appreciated. We also appreciated the speed in which he attended to our needs and some problems we encountered.

More importantly, we learnt to ride out the downturns in the share market (including 9/11) and keep focused on the long term and believe in the statistics that whenever there has been a downturn in the sharemarket it has always risen above the previous high.

More recently, he had helped us with regards to allocated pensions, superannuation and retirement planning, His recommendations have allowed us to save a considerable amount of tax and to build an effective nest egg for our eventual retirement.

Greg and Barbara Barnett, clients since 1996