Minimum Wage Increase Pleases Gillard, Disappoints Unions

Australian Minimum Wage Increases to $606.40

 They say you can’t please everyone.

Today’s decision by Fair Work Australia to increase the minimum wage by $17.10 a week from the beginning of the 2012-13 financial year was welcomed by the government but the unions and low-paid workers were completely underwhelmed.

From July 1st, the minimum wage go up from $589.30 a week ($30,643.60 a year) to $606.40 a week ($31,532.80 a year).

Julia Gillard feels it is an extension of some of the measures already put in place by the 2012-13 Budget:

Gillard Welcomes Minimum Wage Increase

ACTU secretary Dave Oliver thinks it could help contribute to a growth in the number of Australian “working poor”:

Wage Increase Very Disappointing: ACTU